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replacement interior doors

Make a Statement—Replacement Interior Doors Brighten Spaces

Replacement interior doors are an easy, chic way to redefine your rooms. You may think that interior doors are purely functional that you need for privacy. Interior doors are actually much more, adding design accents to your room’s decor.

Interior doors are also a budget-friendly way to redefine any room. In this post, we’re sharing some interior door design ideas to inspire you.

What’s Behind the Door?

The average home has 10 interior doors. Depending on what’s behind the door, your interior doors could have different purposes. Bathroom doors are for privacy and should have a solid core to reduce sound transmission. Interior doors that divide two rooms have the ability to be more creative, including the use of barn doors or pocket doors.

Contemporary Inspiration

With a few purposeful lines, interior doors can capture a simple, unique look. Add some color to these doors for a more dramatic appearance. The smallest accents add just enough style, creating a signature aesthetic.

Another contemporary idea is the use of panels, which can be glass. Clear or translucent glass inserts protect privacy and allow light into the space. With multiple panel options, you can use the same door design throughout with a few configuration differences for a consistent look. Not every door has to be the same with replacement interior doors. Let your imagination take off.

Replacement Interior Doors—Artistic Expressions

Why not add some color to your interior doors? Break out of the box of thinking they can only be white. Other artistic touches you could add are a door with an etched or carved appearance for a very ornate look.

Prefinished Woodgrain Interior Doors

If you love the look of rich wood but don’t want the maintenance or costs, choose a prefinished woodgrain look. Prefinished woodgrain interior doors employee a distinct finishing technique. They are also molded doors with no gapping or stile/rail separation.

Change Your Space with New Interior Doors

At The Window and Door Shop, we have years of experience helping homeowners and professionals choose the right interior doors. No matter the design of the home or the functionality required, there’s a perfect interior door for any application. Contact us today to learn more about our interior door offerings.


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