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Lincoln, CA window replacement

Window Replacement Trim and Frames

There are plenty of decisions to make when Lincoln, CA window replacement is on your to-do list. You’ll have to think about frame material and window style, of course, but you also need to get into details like coloring so the windows you choose will go with the house colors you already have in place.  

Exterior Window Trim 

When you get window replacement done, you might also have to get the trim on the outside of your house replaced. You’ll want to speak with the installers as to whether or not that needs to be done. Even if it doesn’t need to be replaced, it’s a good time to paint it to match a new style you have going on, if you’d like. If you do get replacements, think about what will go with your siding and your new windows to bring it all together.  

Interior Window Trim 

While you’ll have a window frame, inside, there will also be trim that goes around that window. In most homes, the color is the same as the baseboards to give the house a cohesive look. Many homes feature natural wood stained to a certain darkness or white trim. Those can go with just about any window frame color, but when you get new frames, you can change the interior to suit the new style, if you want.  

Frame Color 

The color on the frame will help you dictate what color the trim needs to be both inside and out Frame colors are available based on the manufacturer you choose and you can often customize the color if you have something specific in mind. When you get vinyl window replacement, the frame color stays in place for the long haul so you’ll want to make sure it’s a color that really looks nice on your house and fits in well. Take your time with the color decision since you will have to live with it for so long.  

Bring On The Samples 

Before you commit to any trim or frame colors, it’s a good idea to bring color samples to your house and hold them against the walls and siding at different angles and at different times of the day. You want to see them in the natural lighting around your home so you can judge best just what will go well with the colors you have in play already.  

If you need help with window replacement in Lincoln, CAit’s time to call in the experts. The professionals at The Window and Door Shop, Inc. can talk to you all day about trim and frame colors, but we only want you to have the information you need to make informed decisions for your house. Plus, we know the decisions are important and we won’t try to push you into anything. You deserve to take time on a project this important. Give us a call at (916) 252-4100 or visit us in our showroom to see examples at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825. 


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