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replacement windows in Roseville, CA

Utilize Design Options In Replacement Windows

When you are selecting Roseville, CA replacement windows, there are plenty of options to consider. Sure, you can go with a classic white, double hung window, but there are other choices out there as well. Whether you want a different color, unique hardware, designer glass, or grilles, you can have it. Customize your new replacement windows with design options and make them all your own.

Interior And Exterior Colors

Replacement windows are two-sided in that they show from inside and outside of your home. You get to select the colors for both sides of the wall to give your house the look you want. They windows don’t have to be the same all the way through. On the exterior, there are a range of natural colors that homeowners generally prefer. Some go with sandstone or beige colors while others like something more earthy and brown. There are also whites, blacks, and every other color in between. On the interior, many homeowners like woodgrain options for a natural look and there are different types of wood from which to choose. There are also classic looking paint colors to match wall tones or contrast with existing décor.

Window Grilles

While your old windows may have been plain and empty, your replacement windows can have decorative grilles to give them a unique look. There are diamond, perimeter, and classic colonial grille patterns, among others. You can put grilles between the glass sometimes, which makes cleaning easier while giving you a unique appeal. There are also some cases where homeowners like the windows to be as open as possible and grilles aren’t the best option there. You can pick and choose which windows get grills and which are left open.

Hardware Options

The hardware on the replacement windows seems like a small thing, but it keeps the windows secure and adds to the appearance. Different locking systems keep your home safe and stylish all at once. You can look at different finishes like nickel, an earth tone, gold, or bronze. Think about what other hardware you have in the rooms and find something that compliments or matches those.

Designer Glass ChoicesRoseville, CA replacement windows

Designer glass is a good option for accent windows in certain parts of the home. The hand-cut, clear or stained glass comes in a variety of patterns and can be put anywhere you want it to be. Many homeowners like this type of glass in front doors or surrounding the entry way to give the front of their home extra appeal. IT also works well in bathrooms or rooms that need extra privacy.

Are you ready to make unique Roseville, CA replacement windows for your home? Let’s get started on those decisions. Contact The Window and Door Shop, Inc. at (916) 252-4100 for a free consultation and a little help with the options. There are plenty of things to consider throughout the process. You can also stop by and see some unique samples in our showroom at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825.


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