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skylights for your home

Skylights for Your Home—Let the Sunshine In

If you have areas of your home that could use some natural light, you should consider skylights for your home. The modern skylight is guaranteed not to leak, nor does it let harmful UV rays enter your spaces. Let’s look at how to add skylights to your home.

Work with Experts

Adding a skylight to your home isn’t a time for DIY. You need to work with experts who understand the functionality of the product and the best places to put them. Some areas of the home will work better than others. You should also know that adding a skylight to a room is much different than adding a window. Windows catch low-angled rays while a skylight catches high-angled rays.

Know Where the Sun Rises and Sets

The sun doesn’t stay stationary so when planning where to place skylights, you have to consider where it starts and where it ends. Skylights in sloping roofs facing south can often overheat rooms. North-facing skylights admit a soft, diffused light throughout the day.

Remember, you need to ask about performance glass, so that the glass doesn’t allow harsh light in that could fade upholstery and wood.

Choosing the Right Size

The biggest thing to consider when it comes to size is to go as big as possible. Smaller skylights for your home may turn into a disappointment. You’ll find that a lot of work comes out to little natural light in your spaces. The cost of installing two different sizes of skylights is usually about the same, so it’s okay to select a larger size.

Velux Skylights

At The Window and Door Shop, we recommend Velux Skylights. This is a trusted brand that delivers high-quality products. Velux Skylights has a “No Leak Promise” on all its skylights. They offer solar-powered, electric, and manual “Fresh Air” skylights as well as fixed ones. With one of the best warranties on the market, Velux Skylights is the premier manufacturer of modern skylights.

To learn more about skylights or start your project, contact us today or visit our Sacramento showroom.


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