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Exterior Door Trends to Make a Statement in 2019

Ready to do something new with your entry door? In 2019, be bold and make a statement with unique applications for your front door. However, with so many choices out there, it’s almost overwhelming. You can find inspiration in these exterior door trends. Take them as a start then put your own twist on it when you upgrade your entry door.

Blue Doors

Blue has many shades, and most all of them rate high as appealing. Regardless of your home’s exterior material or color, there’s a blue for you. Consider something light for a beach house, like a robin egg-inspired hue. For a more traditional home, choose something darker like cobalt. No matter what shade you like, blue always has the attribute of sophisticated. With new factory finishing, you won’t have to worry about peeling or repainting. 

Energy Efficiency

Your door has to do more than look great, it should also be energy-efficient. This pertains to the core, which should be insulting, and the glass if applicable. If the glass area is significant, then you’ll want to choose Low-E glass that works to block harmful UV rays. When working with a door shop, be sure to ask about energy efficiency.

Upscale Hardware

Another way you can customize your exterior doors is with stunning hardware. Chrome is a hot exterior door trend. Also gaining popularity is mixing metals with hardware, especially with matte metals. Hardware is also an area where you can spend a little more to get a more custom look without it greatly impacting your budget.

Dark on Dark

Back to color—dark on dark is having a moment. This trend works for modern and traditional, depending on what colors you choose. Try navy blue and charcoal for a modern spin, or dark green and black for a more traditional take. There are lots of different combinations to consider. You can pull it off—meaning it doesn’t look too dark—by using sidelites and having expansive glass windows to add some light balance.

Decorative Glass

With decorative glass, you’ll enjoy an ornate entry door. You’ll have lots of options with deco glass, including textures, patterns, transparency options, and more. Not only can you design how it looks, you can also choose the shape of your deco glass. You can opt for a door that’s predominantly glass or select a style that lets in only a hint of light.

Two Tones

If you want a stark contrast to your door, try the two-tone exterior door trend. The door front itself would be one color while the sidelites are another. You could try an ocean color blue with white, gray and yellow, or green and camel. Make sure the colors complement the exterior color of your home. This is a nice detail that adds a bit of whimsy to your front door.

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