Style Line® Series Vinyl Doors

Take advantage of a space-saving sliding patio door that illuminates your home.  Style Line Series, with narrow frames, allow for more glass with nothing to distract between you and the view.  Often used in combination with Style Line windows, Style Line sliding patio doors open up even the smallest space by introducing more light and an expanded feel.

More Glass, Less Frame – High strength design allows for more glass within a narrower frame.  Style Line Series patio doors feature steel reinforcement beams and locksets. To create a smooth and sleek look, Milgard designed the sliding doors with minimal protruding hardware, finished in your choice of a neutral color frame.

Pureview Screen  -Match your Style Line Series patio doors with a PureView® door screen.  PureView features 15% greater openness compared to standard screens for increased optical clarity.  Engineered with smaller yarns and finer mesh, the PureView screen allow increased light transmitted and reduce the appearance of the screen while protecting against debris particles and small insects.