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What Are Bay And Bow Replacement Windows?

If you’re ready for a change and Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows are needed for your home anyway, you might consider switching window styles. If you have double hung windows now, maybe you want casement instead. And where there’s a picture window or a group of windows, perhaps you’d like a bay or bow window. But what’s the difference between bay and bow windows and how can you choose between the two styles?  

If you want a bigger opening than standard options or if you want to add more square footage to your room, both bay and bow windows would be a great choice. You simply have to decide which is better.  

Bow Windows Defined 

Bow windows are four or more windows that are joined together in a curve. All of the windows could have the ability to open in some way or another, which is nice to let in the California breezes on a nice day. There is a ledge formed with this style, so you can enjoy the décor or use it as a place to hold other items.  

Bay Windows Defined 

Bay windows have a fixed window in the center with windows on either side that open. The side windows are usually casement or double hung. You can get fresh air into the room, but not with every window. You’ll get a ledge with this window as well, but it’s usually larger and you can create a window seat for reading, if you’d like.  

Which Is Better? 

If you’re looking at bay or bow replacement windows, there’s no one right or wrong answer. You’ll add space, interest, and elegance to your room no matter which way you go. You’ll have to decide which lines up better with your tastes and your home’s style. Bow windows give more of a natural curve, for example, that can almost look circular if you add enough windows. Bay windows are more severe in their angles. Both can bring in more light and brighten a room and give you a better view. If you really want a window seat for reading or looking at the view, bay windows are the right choice. If you’d rather store knick knacks, perhaps bow windows are the best option.  Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows

You can go back and forth with the choices all day long, but if you want help deciding from a professional point of view, you’re better off calling The Window and Door Shop, Inc. at (916) 252-4100. We work with Fair Oaks, CA replacement windows every day and we know just what works and what doesn’t in certain homes in this area. We’ve worked hard to become experts, so we can lend our expertise to you for your window project. Stop by and see examples of some of the windows we carry in our showroom at 1717 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825 and ask your questions in person. We want the end result of your window replacement project to be just what you want in every way and we’ll work hard to make it just so. 


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